Thematic Working Group
Intelligent Transport Systems &
Intelligent Infrastructures

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This page has been archived. Please refer to the Thematic Groups page for up to date activities' content.


The subject of this Thematic Working Group is Intelligent Transport Systems & Intelligent Infrastructures.

The TWG is currently composed of 30 experts of 19 institutes, as following:

AIT: Wolfgang Ponweiser
BASt: Christine Lotz
CDV: Martin Pipa
DLR: Hartmut Runge, Prof. Thomas Strang & Dr Peter Wagner
DVS: Tom Alkim
FHG: Werner Schonewolf & Dr Torsten Gründel
HIT: Dr Evangelos Bekiaris & Stella Nikolaou
IFSTTAR: Nour-Eddin el Faouzi (rapporteur) & Corinne Brusque
ITS/IK: Gabriel Nowacki & Andrzej Torun
LNEC: Carlos Azevedo
TRL: Alan Stevens
TTEF: Smiljan Vukanovic
TTI: Prof. Igor Kabashkin & Prof. Alexander Grakovski 
UPM: José Manuel Menendez & Felipe Jimenez
UVEG: Pedro A. Pérez Losa & Juan J. Martínez
VGTU-TMI: Aldona Jarasuniene & Adofas Baublys
VTI: Lena Nilsson
VTT: Pirkko Rama & Petri Mononen
VÚD: Jan Mikula

- identification of strategic research needs (research problems; how to work towards an European research agenda on ITS (2009, 2010). What is ITS, how large are the spectra)
- focus on 2008 FP work program

Current activities:
- drafting research topics (structuring table of content and identification of team of contributors / topics), state of the art, identification of “gaps” in current research, prioritisation, writing of a document for ECTRI
- identifying contacts in ECTRI organisations for pre-identified calls topics and designing of project consortia

The TWG ITS also prepared inputs for the FP7 update. These inputs have been gathered in a report entitled "White spots in the European Transport research traced by ECTRI's Thematic Working Groups". This report was released to the EC in June 2009.





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