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ETC Conference 2009 - Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre, The Netherlands - 5-7 October 2009

ECTRI was official sponsor of the European Transport Conference 2009 and presented a booth in the exhibitor’s area. Several researchers and experts from the ECTRI network were actively involved as chair of session or as speaker. In total 43 papers were presented by researchers from the ECTRI network.
The Neil Mansfield Award was givent to Marc Gelhausen from ECTRI member DLR, Germany. The title of his paper was "Modeling airport capacity constraints in air travellers’ airport choice”. The Mansfield Award is distributed each year during the Conference to recognise the best paper by a sole author aged 35 or under, presented at the European Transport Conference. Papers considered for these awards have been reviewed by a subject-panel made up of senior academics and professionals from across the transport community.

The proceedings of previous ETC conferences are downloadable on:

The proceedings of ETC2009 are only accessible for this year's delegates.



Young Researchers Seminar 2009

logoYRS The Young Researchers Seminar 2009 took place in Turin, Italy from 3-5 June. It was organised by ECTRI with FEHRL and FERSI. ECTRI member Politecnico di Torino hosted the event. Johan Olstam from VTI, Sweden; Agathe Baker-Grondahl from TOI, Norway and Aurélien Duret from INRETS, France, were the 3 winners of the Seminar. Caroline Alméras made a presentation during the closing ceremony of the Seminar: «ECTRI overview for YRS09» (1,31 Mo). More information is available on the seminar webpage.


ETAPP Conference - Toulouse, France - 3-4 June 2009

The ETTAP Symposium took place in Toulouse, France, on 2-4 June 2009. The ETTAP 2009 symposium included the 17th Transport and Air Pollution symposium and the 3rd Environment and Transport Symposium. Both considered all relevant aspects of the impact of transport on the environment and on air pollution, considering both local and global aspects. Papers have been presented orally or as posters. ECTRI sponsored this conference and made several dissemination actions.

More information on:


European Transport Research and Innovation Week - Brno, Czech Republic - 11-15 May 2009

The ETRIW event was hosted by ECTRI member CDV, in Brno, in the frame of the EU-Czech Presidency, on 11- 15 May 2009. This event was a follow- up of the EU-French Presidency event of 8-12 December 2008, which took place in Lyon, France. ETRIW gathered the signatories of the Lyon Declaration, representatives of the European Commission, key European transport research associations, networks of excellence and technology platforms, including the meeting of the FP7 Transport Program Committee. In particular, ECTRI held its General Assembly and Board meetings and the Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) on Freight Transport, on Safety and Security and on Urban Mobility met during that week. The central theme of this European event was «Urban mobility in the light of Lisbon strategy», which resulted in the signature of the ‘Brno Declaration’. ECTRI TWG on Urban Mobility participated to this related Conference with a presentation by the group moderator Nadine Mordant along the implementation of the EC Green Paper “Towards a New Urban Mobility Culture”. Following the initiative of the ‘Lyon Declaration’, the ‘Brno Declaration’ focusing on mobility research and policy, was signed on May 13 by ECTRI, EURNEX, FEHRL, FERSI and HUMANIST.

Following presentation was made on 13 May by TWG 'Urban Mobility' moderator Nadine Mordant: «What should the future urban mobility research agenda look like?» (139,84 Ko) More information on the Conference website.


TRB 88th Annual Meeting - Washington, DC, USA - 11-15 January 2009

ECTRI actively participated in the TRB 88th Annual Meeting, held on 11-15 January in Washington DC, USA. A delegation of 8 ECTRI Assembly and Board members was attending the different sessions: Guy Bourgeois, Georges Giannopoulos, Heikki Kanner, Neil Paulley, Dietmar Wurzel, Lasse Fridstrøm, Joris Al and Josef Mikulik. The Special Session about «International Research Collaboration: Finding Common Ground» (sessions 226 & 227), taking place on 12 January was aimed to present the report made by the ECTRI-TRB Working Group 10 on «EU/US Transport Research Cooperation Issues». George  Giannopoulos, CERTH-HIT, Greece, and Michael D. Meyer, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, also presided the session A0010(3) on 13 January, where the report was finalized by the Working Group 10. The same day, Josef Mikulik, CDV, Czech Republic, was invited to peak during the meeting of the Conduct of Research Committee, about the possibility of organising a European managers scanning tour to the US. Mr. Mikulik also participated to the
SHRP2 - International coordination session. On 14 January, ECTRI representatives participated to the International Activities Committee and International Research and Technology Transfer Subcommittee A0010(2).

Following presentation was made during the International Activities Committee meeting: «ECTRI - Young Researchers Seminar» (161,11 Ko) by Cristina Pronello, ECTRI Treasurer. More information on the conference website.


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