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Mobilis Conference, Mulhouse, France, 11-12 December

The Mobilis conference was held in Mulhouse, France on 11 and 12 December. This conference is part of a dynamic of exchanges which aims to instigate new research projects or inspire national and international partnerships. With international experts and other contributors present to recount their experience, MOBILIS deals with all the major issues that concern the players in the mobility of the future field: clean vehicles, intelligent vehicles and networks, excellence in the industry. Claire Plantié-Niclause from INRETS presented the URBAMOVE document during the Mobilis 2007 conference.

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The following presentation was made during the conference:

URBAMOVE - De l'observation des préocupations locales à la mise en oeuvre de programmes européens, Claire Plantié-Niclause, INRETS (193 Kb)


Road Safety on 4 Continents, Bangkok, Thailand, 14-16 November

ECTRI supported, as co-partner, the 14th International Conference Road Safety on Four Continents (RS4C) held on 14-16 November. Accordingly, ECTRI has nominated Josef Mikulik from CDV, Czech Republic, for the International Advisory Committee, Hélène Fontaine from INRETS, France and Péter Holló from KTI, Hungary for the Scientific Committee. The main objective of the conference was to explore emerging research and development in the area of road safety. Special emphasis was towards the application of research and involved developing countries and countries in transition both as presenters and as delegates. A principle theme was the pros and cons of applied research done in the ‘north’ to the problems in the ‘south’. The main themes of the conference were: exchange of new findings on road safety, transfer of road safety knowledge, exchange of evaluated good practices, road safety, a working environment problem.
Prof. George Giannopoulos, former ECTRI President, also participated as keynote speaker in the Opening Session of the Conference on the theme “Road Safety in countries with less developed infrastructures“. Moreover, Dr Rune Elvik, from TØI, Dr Evangelos Bekiaris from HIT, Dr Josef Mikulik, from CDV, and Dr Astrid Linder from VTI were Chair(wo)men of some sessions and a great number of ECTRI researchers presented scientific papers and posters.

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The following presentation was made during the conference:

Road Safety in countries with less developed infrastructures: policies to maximise effect with minimum resources, George Giannopoulos, ECTRI former President (260Kb)


EU 7th Framework Programme Turkey Forum 4

ECTRI’s Secretary was invited to attend the EU 7th Framework Programme Turkey Forum 4 in Ankara on 22 October 2007 where he gave a presentation on ECTRI. The conference was organised by TÜBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

The following presentation was made during the conference:

ECTRI - An overview, Dietmar Wurzel, ECTRI Secretary (847Kb)


EURO-TRANS Days conference, Warsaw, Poland, 17-18 October

ECTRI supported the EUROTRANS Days conference that was held in Warsaw, Poland, on 17-18 October 2007. The strategic objective of EURO-TRANS days is to open encourage, facilitate and enhance cooperation between SMEs and the major European RID players and Industrial Stakeholders of Surface Transport (road, rail, waterborne and intermodality). Claire Plantié-Niclause from INRETS, was invited to present ECTRI during the Plenary session of this conference. Discussions took place concerning ECTRI’s potential support to the next EUROTRANS Days conference to be held in Paris in February 2008.

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The following presentation was made during the conference:

European Institutes Working Together, Claire Plantié-Niclause, INRETS (557Kb)


23rd World Road Congress, Paris, France, 17-21 September

The 23rd World Road Congress was held from 17 to 21 September at the "Palais des Congrès" in Paris, France.

At this occasion, Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI's President, made a presentation on “ECTRI’s role in the structuration of the transport European Research Area” during session SP17 - Evolution of demand and supply of research and public support to innovation, held on 21 September.

The Congress was great success as more than 40 ministers in charge of road policies participated in the Centennial Congress of the World Road Association.

The work being carried out within PIARC is structured around the following four strategic themes:
- Governance and management of the road system
- Sustainable mobility
- Safety and road operations
- Quality of road infrastructures

There was four types of session lasting seven half-days:
- Strategic direction sessions, focusing on a forward-looking examination of issues in the field of road transport,
- Technical sessions, based on the work of the Technical Committees, national reports prepared by member countries and individual contributions,
- Special sessions, dealing with specific or multi-disciplinary subjects and involving other international associations,
- Poster sessions, at which selected individual contributions were presented.

In addition to the various Congress sessions, workshops took place on the following topics:

- Terminology - Presentation of the results of the work of the PIARC Committee on Terminology and Translation Assistance, in particular the online PIARC multilingual Dictionary of Road Terms in the PIARC website.
- Airfield Pavements
- The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility - 1st Annual Consultative Meeting
- HDM-4
- Impact of emerging vehicle, pavement and monitoring technologies on road vehicle interaction: where will we be in 30 years?

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The following presentation was made during the conference:

ECTRI’s role in the structuration of the Transport European Research Area, Guy Bourgeois, ECTRI President (471Bb)


11th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR), Berkeley-California, USA,
24-28 June 2007

The 11th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) was held on 24-28 June 2007 in Berkeley, California with the University of California as host. On this occasion was held a special ECTRI/TRB sponsored session on "Issues of international transport research cooperation: Strenghtenning the EU/US transport research cooperation". This session took place on Tuesday 26 June, at the Toll Room of the Alumni House, University of California at Berkeley Campus. The speakers were Jean-Pierre Médevielle and Barbara Lenz from ECTRI, Mike Meyers and Sam Elrahman from TRB. The session was chaired by George Giannopoulos from ECTRI.

During the WCTR, the second meeting of the TRB/ECTRI Working Group on EU/US transport research cooperation issues took place on Sunday 24 June at the University of California, Berkeley Campus.

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The following presentations were made during the conference:

Toward a Strategy of Improved International Cooperation in Transport Research, Mike Meyer, TRB (308kB)
Transatlantic Partnership in Transportation Research and Development - Myths, Barrier and Enabling Conditions O.A. Elrahman & John F. Munro, TRB (68kB)
Framework and Focus of the European Transport Research Agenda, Barbara Lenz, ECTRI (344kB)
Transport Research Priorities setting up and funding in Europe - A governance challenge, Jean-Pierre Médevielle, ECTRI (352kB)




TRB 86th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA, 21-25 January 2007

ECTRI attended the TRB 86th Annual Meeting on 21 to 25 January 2007 in Washington, DC, USA. The TRB Annual Meeting programme covered all transportation modes, with more than 2,800 presentations in 500 sessions addressing topics of interest to all attendees policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry and academic institutions. The spotlight theme for 2007 was "Transportation Institutions, Finance, and Workforce: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century". TRB had organised the first ECTRI/TRB International Research Roundtable to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and invited ECTRI members to participate in the International Reception.

The TRB exhibition was an extension of the Annual Meeting educational programme. Located at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, the exhibits complemented the formal sessions and provided a variety of opportunities for information sharing and interaction. ECTRI hired a booth at the exhibition where both information on our members and activities related to transport research were available through leaflets and brochures. This occasion also gave the opportunity of meeting the ECTRI staff.

The following presentations have been made during the conference:

COST - An overview, Cristina Pronello, ECTRI Treasurer and COST Transport and Urban Development Domain Committee Chairwoman (597Kb)

ECTRI - European Institutes Working Together, Jean-Pierre Médevielle, Former ECTRI Secretary (229Kb)






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