TRA 2022: ECTRI highlights on conference programme

Discover the Plenary, Strategic and Invited sessions to which ECTRI and Members contributed and join us!

ECTRI Members are also highly involved in technical and scientific sessions. Over 100 podium and poster presentations will be delivered under the 4 main conference themes. Check out the final S&T sessions programme.

Day 1 | Monday – 14 November 2022
13:30–14:45 Plenary 1 | Smart Solutions and Society – Auditorium I
Speakers: ECTRI President Evangelos Bekiaris, Director of CERTH-HIT and Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, Chair of the DLR Executive Board
15:15–16:30 Strategic Session 1.1 | Mobility for All: Fair, Inclusive, Affordable and Accessible in all Places – Auditorium II
Session organised by ECTRI Vice-President Ingrid Skogsmo (VTI) who will also be rapporteur Speaker: Jessica Berg (VTI) 
15:15–16:30 Strategic Session 1.2 | CCAM In Europe: Paving the Way to Deployment – Auditorium VI
Session organised by ECTRI President Evangelos Bekiaris  (CERTH-HIT) and Maria Gkemou ETRA/ECTRI representative in TRA Programme Committee, also moderator and rapporteur
17:00–18:30 Invited Session 41 | Communicating transport research results beyond the research community: how to be effective? how to increase impact? – Room 3A
Session organised by ECTRI Secretary General Caroline Alméras and Svenja Hainz (DLR)
Speaker: ECTRI Vice-President Ingrid Skogsmo (VTI)
17:00–18:30 Invited Session 18 |  Ensuring mobility equity and accessibility in rural Europe – Room 1.15
Session organised by Prof. Pekka Leviäkangas, University of Oulu
Day 2 | Tuesday – 15 November 2022
15:00–16:30 Invited Session 26 | EU-US Cooperation in Transport R&I – International Dialogue on the Future of Transport – Room 0.07
Session organised by the EC and US DOT
Speaker: ECTRI Secretary General Caroline Alméras
Day 3 | Wednesday – 16 November 2022
8:30–10:00 Invited session 20 | Sustainable Road Safety – Medium-term Trends and Needs for Future R&I – Auditorium IV
Organised by EC, ERTRAC, EARPA and ECTRI Vice-President Ingrid Skogsmo (VTI) who will also be speaker
17:00–18:30 Invited session 2 | Improving interfaces between long haul and short haul freight transport as key towards sustainability – Room 5C
Organised by ECTRI Freight & Logistics Thematic Group (UNI EIFFEL, DLR, AIT and CERTH-HIT) moderated by Saskia Seidel (DLR)
17:00–18:30 Invited session 44 | Educational Infrastructure and Academic Methods on Transport and Mobility for Cities of Tomorrow – Room 1.15
Organised by UNI EIFFEL with the support of UNIZA

Day 4 | Thursday – 17 November 2022 

12:45–14:00 Strategic Session 4.1 | LCA approaches and circular economy to enhance sustainability of mobility solutions including tendering process – Auditorium II
Organised by EURNEX, Armando Carrillo Zanuy
Speakers: Prof. Juan de Dios Sanz Bobi, Universidad Politecnica Madrid, Spain and Thilo Bein, Fraunhofer LBF
12:45–14:00 Strategic Session 4.2 | Open Science in Transport Research around the World – Auditorium VI
Session organised and introduced by ECTRI Secretary General Caroline Alméras, who will also be rapporteur
Speaker: Prof. Maria Boile, CERTH-HIT and BE OPEN project coordinator