New ETRR journal Advisory Board elected

The new elected members of the political and strategic body of the ETRR Journal, took the helm on July 1, for a three-year term. They will ensure the content-related independency of the journal, they will advise on the financing policy and promote awareness and recognition. The members are:

  • Prof. Ing. Zdeněk Dvořák, UNIZA, Slovakia
  • DI Dr Bin Hu, AIT, Austria
  • Prof. dr. Imre Keseru, VUB, Belgium
  • Magnus Lamp, DLR, Germany
  • Dr Pekka Leviäkangas, Oulu University, Finland
  • Dr Tom Zunder, UNEW, UK

The Advisory Board was elected at the ECTRI Assembly of Members on April 27 in Dortmund, Germany, and will held its first meeting on July 27th.

ETRR is an open access journal, created and supported by ECTRI, and published by Springer since 2008.