ECTRI TG Traffic Management and Modelling webinar presentations

The seventh webinar of the ECTRI Thematic Group on Traffic Management and Modelling took place on February 17, 2022.

Wolfgang Ponsweiser (AIT) leader of the TG Traffic Management and Modelling moderated the event and discussion that followed the three presentations (now available at the event page).

  • Flashlight session: How transport research can benefit from remote sensing data by Jens Hellekes (DLR)
  • Learning of Spatiotemporal Urban Traffic Flow Relationships by Dmitry Pavlyuk (TTI)
  • Lane-free Traffic with Connected and Automated Vehicles – An Optimal Control Approach by Yanumula Venkata-Karteek (TUC)

Thank you to the presenters, moderator and participants for time and insights.

The ECTRI Thematic Groups have been organising webinars since 2019, with the objective of sharing and exchanging scientific knowledge among members.