ECTRI at ITF Consultation Day with International Organisations

On January 20, 2022, ECTRI took part in the ITF Annual Consultation with International Organisations.

The Consultation held online gathered key ITF partner international organisations from the transport sector and beyond to engage in a dialogue on the most pertinent issues which will be addressed at the 2022 Summit “Transport for Inclusive Societies”.  The 2022 Summit will be held from 18 to 20 May 2022 in Leipzig, Germany.

ECTRI represented by four of its Thematic Groups leaders and the Secretary-General was glad to contribute to the five breakout discussions, bringing forward the research perspective on how innovation can foster more equitable transport and, thereby, promote more inclusive societies, and what governance framework is needed to enable this.

  • Breakout group 1: Moving to “Net-Zero” while fostering inclusion – Alexandra Millonig, Mobility Thematic Group leader
  • Breakout group 2: Resolving the global supply chain crisis, creating more resilient and inclusive networks  – Verena Ehrler, Freight and Logictics Thematic Group leader
  • Breakout group 3: Urban mobility in the times of Covid-19: opportunities for greater inclusion – Elisabete Arsenio, Economics and Policy Thematic Group leader
  • Breakout group 4: Pursuing a more inclusive and resilient transport workforce – Caroline Alméras, Secretary General
  • Breakout group 5: Road safety and inclusion: progress towards 2030 targets – Lila Gaitanidou, Safety Thematic Group leader

Being critically important that research results are brought into practice, ECTRI is also engaged to co-organise, together with ITF, US TRBWCTRS and the European Commission, the 2022 ITF PreSummit Research Day.  This event, scheduled on May 17 in Leipzig, will bring together top academics and researchers to present and discuss topics relevant to the Summit’s theme. It offers great opportunity to exchange ideas not only between researchers, but also with representatives from governments, cities, and other decision makers. A call for abstracts will shortly be launched. Stay tuned !

Photo: International Transport Forum (ITF)