ECTRI provides feedback to EC roadmap on Multimodal Digital Mobility Services

Planning and buying tickets for journeys that combine different modes of transport can be cumbersome for travelers in the EU. To compare different options, many use digital services such as route planners and ticket vendors. The EC initiative on MDMS addresses challenges for these services and implements Action 37 of the sustainable and smart mobility strategy. It aims to better integrate public transport and rail services to achieve seamless multimodal passenger #transport, delivering the EU Green Deal.

To further develop and fine tune of the initiative, the Commission opened a consultation (05 October 2021 – 02 November 2021) on the Roadmap of the Multimodal Digital Mobility Services (MDMS) Initiative, to which ECTRI provides its feedbacks. 

ECTRI agrees with the problem analysis and would in particular like to comment on the specific objective SO3 about the need to ensure that MDMS enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the transport system. Any action or measure that is taken to advance in this field however has to rest on good scientific ground. It is essential that research and data guide the identification of the information that will be provided to passengers. Research should also guide in what way information will be communicated. The effects of providing certain types of information should be analyzed and assessed before any launch.

It is mentioned that MDMS should provide information to passengers on GHG emissions of a trip. It is imperative that any such communication to passengers is linked to an offer of accessible alternatives that allow passengers to put informed choices into practice.

ECTRI is prepared to contribute to the EC’s efforts in addressing sustainability. Research and innovation can help identifying the critical data, including the specifically mentioned GHG emissions, and in the development of travel options for passengers, as well as in setting targets and assessing impacts.

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