Six lessons learned from COVID-19 measurements

“Whilst there have been a lot of studies on the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on transport and mobility, there have not been much a reflection on how we can do better if another pandemic strike in the future, and this is the objective of this editorial article. Based on the evidences drawn upon 11 papers from select European countries, which investigated wide range issues, (…) there are common learned lessons that can serve as a guidelines on how we can deal with the disruptions better in the future.”

You can now read the editorial, based on evidences reported through ETRR’s recently concluded special issue on the given topic by Yusak Susilo with Jonas Floden and Karst Geurs .

The complete list of papers from the topical collection on “Transport in the COVID-19 Virus Era” can be found in here: 

ECTRI supported this topical collection.