ECTRI contributes to the Green Paper on Ageing

ECTRI welcomes the opportunity to share feedbacks on the main issues related to ageing of the EU population and would therefore like to provide herewith its views on the different aspects raised in the questionnaire, from the mobility and transport perspectives.

In fact, engagement in civic, social, and community life plays an important role in health, well-being, and quality of life, and requires individuals to be mobile in their environment.

However, with age mobility is becoming increasingly difficult and requires to take the needs and characteristics of the elderly into account in the design of infrastructure, equipment and services, which is a challenging issue in a physical and informational (digital) environment becoming increasingly complex.

The significant increase of the ageing population is also placing new and growing demands on transport systems. This is to say that current and emerging mobility and safety issues arising from ageing are important aspects to consider while developing policy recommendations on ageing, in view to be able to propose solutions that meet older people’s transport needs while also maintaining acceptable levels of safety.

We hope that the responses ECTRI is putting forward will enrich the Green Paper on Ageing that the Commission is preparing.

Read the full reply here: ECTRI Input to the Public Consultation on Demographic change in Europe – Green Paper on Ageing – April 2021