New ETRR articles from ECTRI Members

📑 Enhanced speed advice for connected vehicles in the proximity of signalized intersections by Evangelos Mintsis,  Eleni I. Vlahogianni, (NTUA) and Evangelos Mitsakis (CERTH-HIT) & Seckin Ozkul  🔹 article sponsored by ECTRI

📑 The potential of high-speed rail freight in Europe: how is a modal shift from road to rail possible for low-density high value cargo? by Mathias Boehm (DLR), Marlin Arnz & Joachim Winter (DLR)

📑 A mixed-methods analysis of mobility behavior changes in the COVID-19 era in a rural case study, by Alexandra König (DLR) & Annika Dreßler, (DLR)

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