See you in Lisbon in 2022!

With the unforgettable spring of 2020 behind us, TRA 2020 Helsinki is handing over the baton to the next TRA host. The next edition of Transport Research Arena, TRA2022, will take place in Lisbon, Portugal.

At the end of each TRA conference, the tradition has included the host ceremonially handing over the TRA trophy to the next host. However, with the pandemic, the TRA trophy has been sent to Lisbon by mail with the TRA 2020 Helsinki best wishes to the new host.

Saudações! – Greetings from the TRA2022 host

The TRA 2022 organisers are extremely honoured and pleased to receive the TRA trophy from the Finnish colleagues and to host the next TRA conference in 2022. TRA2022 will be a unique opportunity for the transport sector to face the new challenges and to boost its research and innovation capacity throughout the full innovation cycle, from idea to market. The conference will include fundamental research, prototyping, demonstration and piloting activities as well as business-driven research and development, with an overall strategy based on the motto “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”.

TRA2022 will also be a unique conference of its own, taking a different form and shaping a new way of organising large research and networking events after the pandemic. The conference is planned to take place in Lisbon, a city which has made a name for itself as the venue of world-renowned events in a variety of sectors including transport, research and innovation. Lisbon will vouch for its innate capacity to host high-level international events with the uppermost standards of quality and hospitality.

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The TRA2022 CSA project consortium is composed by Portugal’s National Innovation Agency (ANI-Coordinator), Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC-ECTRI Member), University of Porto (UPorto), MAGELLAN, FEHRL and ECTRI.