🏆 TRA VISIONS 2020 Young competition winners

ECTRI is proud to announce that the ECTRI community is well represented among the winners:

🔹 ROAD 🥇 “THEO: a Tailored Hybrid Emission Optimizer for the Drivers of Tomorrow”

Team: Pier Giuseppe Anselma, Claudio Maino, Alessia Musa from Politecnico di Torino

🔹 WATERBORNE 🥈 “Automated Fuel Oil Management Unit”

Team: Alexandros Lampoglou, Christos Mantolas, from Newcastle University

💡 Check out their innovative ideias!

Congratulations to all the researchers! Thank you for your contribution to the European Research Area.

Join us at the online ceremony on 29th of September 2020, 9.30–10.50 (CEST) Register here.