TRA VISIONS 2020 Senior competition winners

ECTRI is proud to announce that the ECTRI community is well represented among the winners and shortlisted.

Cristina Pronello (POLITO), 1st prize on 🔹 CROSS MOBILITY, with research on ”The effect on travel behaviour of user-centred mobility tools”.

Furthermore, 7 other researchers form ECTRI Members are among the shortlisted:


Elisabete Arsenio (LNEC and ECTRI) Planning for sustainable and multimodal mobility


Anna Anund (VTI) A safer transport system without fatalities/ serious injuries due to driver impairment

Luca Persia (Sapienza University of Rome) Exporting the results of EU research to low and medium income countries


Svenja Hainz (DLR) Evaluation of European railway system


Maria Boile (CERTH-HIT/ University of Piraeus) Port and Maritime Transport Policy

Antti Pohjorant (VTT) Hydrogen fuel cell power for the marine research vessel Aranda


Massimiliano Zanin (UPM) Application of neuroscience principles in the study of delay propagation in air transport

Congratulations to all the researchers! Thank you for your contribution to the European Research Area (ERA).The awards ceremony will be organised in September, stay tuned!;jsessionid=de116600525e99f750e7d0873a26