ITF 2020 Pre-Summit Research Day: Call for abstracts

ECTRI together the International Transport Forum (ITF), the US Transportation Research Board (TRB) and the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), is co-organising the ITF 2020 Pre-Summit Research Day which will take place on May 26, 2020 in Leipzig, on the topic of “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development”.

Call for abstracts is now open! Don’t miss this great opportunity to exchange ideas not only between researchers, but also with representatives from governments, cities, and other decision makers. 

In order to plan their actions and investments for the coming years, policy makers need the input from researchers to provide knowledge and solutions on how to:

  • Seize the opportunities offered by micromobility and active transport.
  • Connect remote and rural areas with innovative sustainable transport solutions.
  • Stimulate adoption of low-carbon vehicle technologies.

Further details on the call for abstracts can be found here. Abstracts shall be submitted by Friday 6 March 2020 23:00 (GMT) on 

ITF Young Research Award

Anyone submitting an abstract who is under 35 years of age is also encouraged to enter the ITF Young Researcher Award. This award, which ITF presents each year during its Annual Summit and carries a prize of 5000 Euros, aims to highlight the crucial importance of transport research for sound transport policy formulation and implementation, and to foster closer links between transport policy and research. The deadline for submission for the award is 21 February 2020. More details are available on the website.