ALICE launches the Roadmap Towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050

The Alliance for Logistic Innovation and Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) is aware of the huge challenges and deep transformation required of freight transport and logistics if we are to meet climate goals and maintain our standard of living. That is why ALICE developed a roadmap entitled “Towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050” to set the challenge and direction clearly. It aims to make the roadmap towards decarbonization more practical for companies and to clarify what roles governments, research and development institutes, and civil society will have in order to make this happen.

ALICE envisions a large efficiency gains and benefits to all stakeholders by doing more with less. The existing idle capacity of assets and infrastructure in all modes of transport could be better used, and flows could be managed in a more integrated way. Open logistics services and networks connecting seamlessly will maximise capacity utilisation. Value creation by efficiency should be used to speed up the transition to greener and cleaner assets, instead of transport price reduction and an erosion of margins with the current assets.

Read the full press release and roadmap here:

The Roadmap Towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050, was launched at the ALICE Plenary, that took place in Brussels, 12th of December 2019. As members of the European Technology Platform ALICE , ECTRI and ECTRI Members HIT, Fraunhofer and VUB were represented at the meeting.