Give your feedback on the perception and acceptance of autonomous vehicles (AVs)

Professor Cristina Pronello (ECTRI Member POLITO) and her team are running a questionnaire to gain an understanding of how we travel today and how we will travel in a fast-evolving world, where autonomous mobility will probably become a potential scenario.  Your generous support will allow to advance in the research and keep into account your needs and attitudes to make future mobility more efficient and adequate to users’ needs.    

The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to complete and you may save your answers while you fill it and come back later to finish it.    

All your answers will be treated anonymously and statistically elaborated in an aggregated way. There are not good or bad answers, reply freely. For POLITO, it is important to know your opinion on the different issues and problems of mobility. 


Thank you for your participation in the survey!