14th International Conference Road Safety on Four Continents – Bangkok,Thailand – 14-16 November 2007

ECTRI is supporting, as co-partner, the 14th International Conference Road Safety on Four Continents (RS4C). Accordingly, ECTRI has nominated Josef Mikulik from CDV, Czech Republic, for the International Advisory Committee, Hélène Fontaine from INRETS, France and Péter Holló from KTI, Hungary for the Scientific Committee.

The main objective of the conference is to explore emerging research and development in the area of road safety.

Special emphasis will be towards the application of research and to involve developing countries and countries in transition both as presenters and as delegates.

A principle theme is the pros and cons of applied research done in the ‘north’ to the problems in the ‘south’. The main themes of the conference are: exchange of new findings on road safety, transfer of road safety knowledge, exchange of evaluated good practises, road safety, a working environment problem.

The international research community, national safety experts, decision makers and all others with an interest in road safety development are welcome to attend.

So far the interest for the conference has been lively, and around 120 papers have been submitted for evaluation. A preliminary programme will be published on 15th July 2007 on the conference website www.vti.se/RS4C, where you will also find all the information about the conference and the registration for the three-day event.

Inquiries about the conference can be sent to RS4C@vti.se.