11th World Conference on Transport Research, June 24-28, 2007

The 11th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) was held on June 24-28, 2007 in Berkeley, California with the University of California at host. On this occasion was held a special ECTRI/TRB sponsored session on “Issues of international transport research cooperation: Strenghtenning the EU/US transport research cooperation”. This session took place on Tuesday 26, at the Toll Room of the Alumni House, University of California at Berkeley Campus. The speakers were Jean-Pierre Médevielle and Barbara Lenz from ECTRI, Mike Meyers and Sam Elrahman from TRB. The session was chaired by George Giannopoulos from ECTRI.

During WCTR, the second meeting of the TRB/ECTRI Working Group on EU/US transport research cooperation issues took place, on Sunday, 24 June from noon to 6pm at the University of California, Berkeley Campus.