11th World Conference on Transport Research, June 24-28, 2007

The 11th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR) was held on June 24-28, 2007 in Berkeley, California with the University of California at host. On this occasion was held a special ECTRI/TRB sponsored session on “Issues of international transport research cooperation: Strenghtenning the EU/US transport research cooperation”. This session took place on Tuesday 26, at the Toll Room of the Alumni House, University of California at Berkeley Campus. The speakers were Jean-Pierre M├ędevielle and Barbara Lenz from ECTRI, Mike Meyers and Sam Elrahman from TRB. The session was chaired by George Giannopoulos from ECTRI.

During WCTR, the second meeting of the TRB/ECTRI Working Group on EU/US transport research cooperation issues took place, on Sunday, 24 June from noon to 6pm at the University of California, Berkeley Campus.